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Character Creation:

Sources (Only use the following):

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Equipment Guide
  • Shattered Star Player’s Guide
  • Seeker of Secrets: Pathfinder Society Guide

Starting Level: 1st

Stats: Point Buy System – High Fantasy (No score below 8 without prior GM approval)

Starting Wealth: 200 gp

Hit Points: Max hit points at first level, then rolled every level after that. The only alteration is that a character can re-roll any die result that is < their character’s CON modifier. Thus, if the character is a Dwarven Fighter with an 18 CON, then the player would re-roll any 1, 2, or 3 (but would keep a 4 as that is = to the modifier). There is no limit to the amount of rolls that a player may make to adhere to this rule. This ensures that a character that invests points within CON will have more HP (statistically at least) than another player who simply rolls well.


  • 1 General Trait – Advanced Player’s Guide
  • 1 Pathfinder Trait – Seeker of Secrets
  • 1 Campaign Trait – Shattered Star Player’s Guide



NOTE: The first couple of levels are ‘breaking in the character’ levels and if some detail/skill/feat/spell doesn’t really fit, tell me how you want to adjust the character and as long as the change wouldn’t cause something important to be reversed, you can change it. For example, “I thought I’d be using Bluff more, but it just doesn’t seem to be appropriate for the character, I’d like to change out those skill points for Craft [Under Water Basket Weaving], as it’s more appropriate.” As long as the character did not use Bluff to really turn the tides in a battle or other significant scenario, no problem.
Also, if you hit a point where your character just isn’t bringing you enjoyment, don’t feel that you have to continue forcing yourself to play the character. I want you to have fun, and not think of playing the character as a chore. At the next appropriate story juncture we can find a way to swap characters and you can start a new one (at the same level as your current character). However, any items that your character possessed would have to be sold (at 50% market price), and that would be your starting wealth. There is nothing worse than creating an illusionist, for example, and then finding out that 90% of the foes are immune to illusions. By a quirk you’d be stuck playing a vastly underpowered character and that would not be enjoyable.

Main Page

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